Beachcomber 520


Romance and relaxation are always on the menu with the 520 model. With room for 2 to comfortably lounge and 60 fully customisable jets ready to target pressure points throughout your body, the 520 lets you disconnect from your busy lives and savour the bliss.

Standard features include:  Verta-Sage Neck Massage, Calf Massage, and Everlight multi-coloured LED system.



  • Beachcomber 520 Leep Hot Tub
  • Seats 2 people
  • FlexJets deliver 60 customisable jets
  • Dimensions: 1.45m x 1.91m x .76m High (57” x 57” x 30″)
  • Dry / Filled Weight: 193 kilograms / 855 kilograms
  • Water Capacity: 662 Liters    145 UK gallons


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