Beachcomber 540


Cozy enough for two but with seating for five, the 540 merges together the best of both worlds. With  102 fully customizable jets, the 540 gives you the ability to feel like you are in your own personal oasis or share the warmth and connect with the favourite people in your life.

Standard features include:  Signature 500 Series Back Massage, Reflex Foot Massage, Everlight multi-coloured LED system, and Hush Pump.



  • Beachcomber 540 Hybrid Hot Tub
  • Seats 5 people plus one cooling seat
  • FlexJets deliver 102 customisable jets
  • Dimensions: 1.78m x 2.18m x .97m High (70” x 86” x 38″)
  • Dry / Filled Weight: 272 kilograms / 1408 kilograms
  • Water Capacity: 1136 Liters    250 UK gallons


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