Beachcomber 550


The 550 6-person tub has something to suit the tastes of everyone. Whether you like to stretch out and float or alternate between periods of warm with breaks of cooling, the 550 allows for seamless shifting between the two. With loads of space, it’s just what the doctor ordered in helping you unwind and recharge.

Standard features include:  Form Fitting Lounger, Reflex Foot Massage, Roman Arch Waterfall,  Everlight multi-coloured LED system, and Hush Pump.



  • Beachcomber 550 Hybrid QS Hot Tub
  • Seats 6 people plus two cooling seats
  • Form Fitting Lounge Seat
  • FlexJets deliver 106 customizable jets
  • Dimensions: 2.03m x 2.24m x .97m High (80” x 88” x 38″)
  • Dry / Filled Weight: 295 kilograms / 1733 kilograms
  • Water Capacity: 1435 Liters    316 UK gallons


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