Beachcomber 730


This energy efficient oasis is the perfect way to disconnect from the digital world for some quality time with your family or friends. The 730 features a full-body massaging lounger, Reflex Foot Massage and seats up to 6 people with cooling seat. With 161 fully customisable jets, the 730 is perfect to help you disconnect from everyday stresses.

Standard features include:  Form Fitting Lounger, Signature 700 Series Ecstaseat, Reflex Foot Massage, QSS Sound System, Crescent Moon multi-coloured LED system, and Hush Pump.



  • Beachcomber 730 Hybrid QS Hot Tub
  • Seats 6 people plus one cooling seat
  • Form Fitting Lounger
  • FlexJets deliver 161 customizable jets
  • Dimensions: 2.03m x 2.26m x .97m High (80” x 89” x 38”)
  • Dry / Filled Weight: 363 kilograms / 1888 kilograms
  • Water Capacity: 1525 Liters    336 UK gallons


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