Mosaic Tiled Pools

We use two different styles of construction methods depending upon site conditions & pool design. Firstly a permanent block  shuttering system or a Gunite sprayed concrete, both are offer supreme strength of construction for our mosaic tiled pool construction. The construction techniques are suitable for all types of pools including private, commercial and public use. The shell, once constructed, will last a lifetime.

The pool shell, after construction, is lined internally with rendering, then a  water proof lining, then tiled. The selected pool finish is then applied (marble, mosaics, strip tiles etc).

  • The design enables any shape or size of pool to be built.
  • Designed to be free standing.
  • Structural Engineers can design to appropriate British Standard and will satisfy Building Inspectors.
  • Will support slab or single storey building on pool wall
  • Install either Indoor or Outdoor
  • Pool Finish Mosaic
  • Install either above or below ground

Liner Pools

The construction of a liner swimming pool is a more affordable alternative to a tiled concrete pool. Liner pools can either be constructed using concrete blocks or a panel wall system, either can provide the finished shape required, the liner is then placed into the shell and fixed in position. Coping stones are then placed around the perimeter of the pool to finish the pools edge.

Panel System

The panel system is quick & easy to install. The panels are manufactured in a high strength powder coated steel or plastic, which will never corrode or degrade. The wall panels are locked together and supported by braces located at every panel joint. These braces provide deck support and are set into concrete ring beams at the top & bottom for maximum strength/stability. The flexibility of this system allows you to design the very best pool for your own particular needs & space. All the pools can have a shallow & deep end or a constant depth.

The possibilities are endless & limited only by your imagination.

Indoor Pools | Building Ideas

Indoor Pools

The design of indoor swimming pools is very different from that of an outdoor pool. An indoor swimming pool are not subject to the fluctuations in day and night temperatures of an outdoor pools. But they do require room ventilation to control humidity caused by the large amount of evaporation, from the pool. Without a proper ventilation system, high indoor humidity levels will cause numerous problems, including condensation on cold surfaces and rusting of structural components.

Poolman designs and installs a wide range of high efficiency indoor swimming pool heating and ventilation systems, with fully insulated air distribution ducting, and strategically placed grilles to eliminate condensation problems.

Please contact us for out free Indoor Pool planning guide.

Pool Building Types & Styles

Would you and your family love to swim more often to get the most from your pool? Have you ever looked out the window on a chilly day and wondered how to get the best of both worlds? With custom made swimming pool enclosures and glazed pool

buildings, it’s possible to experience the best of our British Summer. On those colder days transform your pool; without the expense, construction and commitment of a proper building. Tracked or trackless with a variety of opening styles, swimming pool enclosures or glazed buildings are suitable for use in rain, wind or snow.

With a large range of different choices to fit your in-ground, above ground pool, or spa we can help you find the right solution to suit your taste or budget and extend your swimming season. Available for both domestic, school and commercial installations in wooden

PVC or aluminium finishes, why not give us a call on to organise a free no obligation site visit.

Level Deck | Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools

Infinity swimming pools are also called vanishing edge swimming pools or negative edge swimming pools. As shown in the image, an infinity swimming pool is stunning to look at.

Another variation of overflow swimming pool is the vanishing / negative / infinity edge pool. One of the latest trends in swimming pool design, it gives unhindered view of what lies beyond the pool to swimmers. Design of vanishing edge swimming pools is highly specialized and it is imperative that all circumstances are considered before the actual construction begins on site. Some of the most stunning pools ever built are vanishing edge pools with a lake, bay or garden beyond.


  • Install either Indoor or Outdoor
  • Selection of sizes and designs
  • Deep End
  • Pool Finish Mosaic tile / Marbleite
  • Install either above or below ground
  • Fastlane compatible
  • Safety Cover
  • Manual or Automatic pool cover
  • Automatic Chemical Feeder
  • Pump and Sand filter
  • Underwater light , Fiber Optic Lighting
  • Internal steps

Level Deck

The name derives itself from the fact that the level of water is same as the level of surrounding pool deck.
The quality of filtration achieved by deck level swimming pool filtration systems is far superior to other conventional systems as the skimmers are replaced by an overflow channel through which water overflows constantly into a balance tank, from where it is pumped into the circulation system.

Due to the extra construction and addition of perimeter channel grating, deck level swimming pools usually are more expensive than skimmer type pools, but are well worth the price.


One Piece Ceramic Pools

Historically, one-piece fibreglass pools have garnered a poor reputation for quality control and post-installation issues, largely down to the phenomenon of osmosis of the pool shell. Osmosis is where ground-water outside the pool travels through the wall of fibreglass products, causing deterioration of the fabric, breaking it down leading to discolouration, algae infestation and failure sometimes as soon as within five years of installation.

All pools are manufactured with special OSMOSE prevention layer and innovative PU Polyurethane hard insulation foam to prevent shell from low earth temperatures. Pool shell is fully composite, produced using highest quality materials. 8 of 9 fibreglass pool shell layers are hand laid.

Quality inspection is a main target work of factory staff – every product has its own identification number, so we know who has produced, at what time, and which materials has been used to produce every product.

Every pool shell comes with a 20 year warranty