The All-in-One Endless Pool

The entry-level Streamline gives you Endless Pools quality in one complete, affordable package. The Streamline includes everything you need for a fully finished pool at one low price.

Our most compact swimming pool, the Streamline conveniently installs aboveground in existing rooms. Imagine turning your garage or any ground-floor room into your own private oasis for swimming, fitness, and fun!

The Streamline features a custom-engineered, airless swim current – smooth, swimmable, and far superior to competing jetted systems. With a lower top speed than our signature, industry-best swim current, it’s perfectly paced for the recreational freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke swimmer.

  • 2.5-hp swim current generator, 1:45/100-yard top pace, 21” x 7” water outlet grill
  • Galvanized Steel Panels, (finished dimensions 6’ 3” x 13’ 11”, 5’ x 11’ water area) 48” standard height,
  • Reinforced Acrylic, durable Vinyl Liner, Brushed Aluminum skirting and Acrylic/Aluminum Coping System
  • LCD Control Panel, Mineral Purification System, 4000w/230V
  • Electric Heater
  • Aquabike, Aquatic Exercise Step, Floor Mirror and Running Pad
  • Manual Security Covers (ASTM F1346 safety standard)
  • Exterior Stairs, Spa Rail, Coping Rail